i'm over it

It's pretty safe to say that last night, Grafton and I both thought we would be grabbing that baby bag and running out the door. I had quite a bit of irregular, but hard contractions the last two day then last night on the drive home they went from every 20ish minutes to about every 4 minutes. Of course, after about an hour they settled down a little bit-but at 3:30 this morning I woke up to an intense contraction. I think I scared the buh-jeezus out of our cat.

Deliriously, I tried to time the contractions in my head but I was so tired I couldn't. I was guessing they were about 4 minutes apart again and they weren't stopping, then all of a sudden I got super nauseous. That's when I thought that this morning could quite possibly be the morning we have our little bear. But no--contractions stopped. I've had a few more little ones since I woke up, but nothing like I did early this morning. 

Needless to say, I'm tired, and I'm over it.

Yes, people keep telling me that once he's out and actually here I'll want him to be back in sometimes. No. I refuse to believe it. I am over being so uncomfortable. Up until about two weeks ago I was doin' super. Felt great, had minimal pain, then BAM!

Tuesday at my appointment I had high blood pressure and proteinuria as well as some other things that my midwives were not happy about seeing. Preeclampsia was what they were worried about. The only other time I had heard about preeclampsia was on an episode of House when a young girl was pregnant, didn't know it, developed preeclampsia, which in turn lead to full blown eclampsia and she died. Luckily the midwifery practice I go to are all wonderful women who were sure to calm my nerves about it. I was scheduled to come in the next day, then again yesterday to check my blood pressure as well as check it myself at home. Just FYI, my BP has been back to normal since the first little scare, praise the Lord.

I am over the constant feeling of fullness, not being able to bend over to put on shoes, I want to wear my regular pants again. I'm over these false labor instances, and burning ribs.

I'm ready to meet this guy, although I know I will miss feeling his kicks and wiggles when he's earth-side.