it's decided

I finished finals last week, 17 credits with straight A's-not sure how I managed that with missing 2 weeks and having a baby, but I did.

Last March I transferred to Eastern Washington University, changing my BFA in Studio Art to a BA in Visual Art. I had heard great things about EWU and was excited to hopefully finish my studies. My first day of school I plugged my meter for 7 hours since I would be on campus all day, only to get an email as I'm walking into the building that the professor was sick and class was cancelled. So at this point, there was no point in staying on campus until my next class started 4 hours later so I drove all the way back home. My painting class that day was mediocre, and the next day, my drawing class was a total joke. We spent the first 20 minutes drawing different kinds of lines. Literally just scribbling on paper. Mind you, this was a 300 level drawing class so I was expecting it to be as challenging as the 300 course I had taken the semester before at Boise State.

I went home that day irritated. I spent the rest of that quarter basically just existing on campus because my classes were so easy, I didn't even have to try. I hoped that this fall quarter would be better.

Scheduling classes was a little of a challenge, as I needed flexible teachers who were willing to let me register with me missing the last part of school due to Jasper being born. I lucked out; my French teacher was super awesome, and even let me bring Jasper to class with me. There was a new Art History teacher who had previously taught at the University of Washington who didn't even move to Spokane until 2 weeks before school started so I was nervous about his decision to allow it. I was also going to be his only student in the Art History Research course, so the first day of class I introduced myself and gave him the low-down. Daniele was excited for me and Grafton and was more than willing to be flexible with me regarding due dates and missing class (Yes, HIS name is Daniele, he is Italian-like, super Italian). I had the same painting teacher as before, but honestly, I didn't really care what he thought because he didn't do much the quarter before anyways.

So like I said, I finished the quarter this last week, but I had to make a decision about Winter Quarter in November. I really want to continue learning French, but I was feeling so much stress over school I was unsure about continuing so I waited and prayed.

The last two weeks or so, it has become pretty clear that the best thing is for me to stop going to school for now. All the stress about finishing school (which would take about another year, possibly even 2 if I couldn't get into the classes I needed to, because EWU generally only has one time period for each course-it's ridiculous) especially the financial stress was getting to be too much. I went from a full ride at BSU to having to pay almost $2000 per quarter. I was expecting the art program here to teach theories of color, how to stretch your own canvas, framing and displaying your art, I expected to learn different mediums to paint in rather than just acrylic.

I'm not sure if I'll return to school in the future, and honestly, I don't really want to think about it. I want to enjoy the time I have with Jasper, I want to focus on my art and actually make the business out of it that I have been trying to the last 3 years. I know that I'm going to disappoint some people with my decision to quit after 4 years, but I think my mental health and my happiness is more important than a degree, especially since I want to pursue freelance work anyways. I don't agree that the only education you can receive is in a classroom. I have learned more from classes on Skillshare, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube than I have the last 2 quarters in school.

So for now, you'll find me snuggling my baby, happy as a clam and painting.

À bientôt-