In one month, our little baby is due. It's a little crazy for me to think about how fast the last eight months has gone by. Today we have a birth class (all day-cause you know, cram as much as you can in at once...) and it's really starting to sink in that this is all for real.

A lot of people have asked if I'm nervous or excited, etc. I'm every emotion packed into my little body. I'm nervous for delivery, I'm stressed trying to figure out how my school schedule will be, I'm scared for Grafton (hopefully I don't become a raging laboring woman haha). I'm excited to have our little babe wear all the cute clothes he has gotten. I'm really excited to be able to go out dinner and have a beer with my meal. I can't wait to snuggle Baby and nuzzle his head with my nose and give him all the kisses I can.

I look forward to all the adventures we will get to bring him on, although for some reason a lot of people keep saying things like, "you can't do this or that anymore". PFFT. Say's who? Last time I checked babies can be held and carried...and I'm fully capable of having a life outside of sitting inside my house. Yes, I'm aware that having a baby will make it more difficult to go places-but I'm okay with that. 

Thanks to my best friend Hailey for the photo.

I think the most interesting part of my third trimester so far is the weird/dirty looks I get while walking across campus. Mostly from young(er) girls. It must be a little shocking to see someone waddling to class with a protruding belly when a majority of the students there are "traditional students". I just want to point out the fact that, yes, people with children and full time jobs and maybe even people who are over 40 years old can go to university. 

Often times I've noticed that it's these non-"traditional" students who succeed the most in college. They aren't out partying, they have priorities, they know why they're going to school. I'm in year 5, so it's a little late to drop out. Plus, I enjoy being in school and learning more. I probably should have gone the faster route to graduation, but hey, college is about exploration right? Since I started university I have changed my major about five times and have transferred schools three times now: I started at BSU, transferred to FVCC and graduated from there with an AA, transferred BACK to BSU then Grafton and I moved to Spokane last December for him to start his business so I transferred to EWU. I definitely do not encourage transferring and changing majors a bunch of times. It's one hell of a hassle to deal with. 

Once I found out I was pregnant I was forced to really think about what I wanted to do about school: do I finish? Or do I drop out? I decided to just go for it, and a few months ago I had to officially declare my major with the university, and because I was a transfer student, I needed a certain number of credits from EWU to graduate. Well, just being a studio art major wouldn't get me there so I had to either double major or declare a minor. Me being me decided, "Hell, I'll just do both". So here I am, officially declared as a double major in Studio Art and Art History and a French minor about to have a baby in 4 weeks. Luckily my professors this quarter are okay with me possibly missing the last 3 weeks of class and the same professors will most likely be my professors next quarter, and they are totally okay with me bringing baby to class if I need to. 

T W E N T Y N I N E days until we meet our sweet baby boy. Four weeks until I get to meet him, kiss him, cuddle him, show him off. One month until I get to hold my Baby.