whole30 (almost) 2 weeks in

For the last couple of weeks I toyed with the idea of doing Whole30, but brushed it off because I like pasta and beer too much. So when the time for Lent came around I finally decided to go for it. I'm 10 days in, and goin' strong. I have to say, it's so much more of a mental challenge than anything else. I love Trader Joe's meringues, bread, and quesadilla's-all of which are definitely NOT Whole30 approved, so now I really have to plan out meals a little better and have snacks on hand as well as rely on prayer that God will give me strength to keep going haha. 

Since starting this, I've noticed I'm no longer bloated and my clothes fit so much better. Along with exercising more, I think the Whole30 is working out pretty good. I don't think that I will continue a true Whole30 diet once Lent is over, but this experience has definitely made me more aware of all of the additives in foods I often cook with and eat and has also made me try new recipes. I'm interested in seeing how the foods I reintroduce at the end affect me, if they do at all, so I will be posting an update as time goes on.

Brooke PannellComment