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Photo by my lovely friend Hailey from  Verse and Venture .

Photo by my lovely friend Hailey from Verse and Venture.

For the last few months an idea has been creeping in and out of my mind: start a blog. I have started and stopped a few other blogs because I simply got burnt out on what my initial niche was. However, this time around, I hope this blog can be something that grows.

I am 33 weeks pregnant with our first baby and currently stretched out on our couch with a heating pad 'cause this little bear loves kicking my ribs. I am definitely feeling 33 weeks pregnant and am hoping I don't get too much more uncomfortable in the next few weeks.

Growing this miracle inside me has been the main inspiration for wanting to start this blog-I want to document our life as a family and as a mother. I want to share products we believe in, home inspiration and décor ideas and recipes. I want to have a community of people that read this and can relate to the struggles of being a first time mother (or even a mother of multiples), I want others to share their insights on motherhood and faith with me as well. Community is what I seek in this, even if it's from afar and from behind a screen. 

I look forward to sharing more and hearing from all of you who read this-