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Workshop Updates

Wow! I haven’t blogged since July! If you follow me on social media, you’ll probably put two and two together that I’ve been so busy with Jasper and school that I haven’t really had much time to do anything else. I’m literally in my last 8 days of school, trying to write 2 giant papers. Typical me, I like to be stressed when I’m writing big papers like this because it makes me focus and kick some ass to say the least. Really, I write best under pressure. Sure, it makes me a little crazy and I question my methodology, but it’s what I’ve been doing my entire college career. This is my sixth (?) year in school, I almost dropped out my sophomore year because it was by far the hardest season of my life, and I took a quarter off to be with Jasper, but I AM GRADUATING. EWU only has one commencement ceremony for some I technically won’t walk until spring, but who cares, I’m graduated. Dear Lord, that feels great to say. I’m a BA with an AA and a BA😎 

A little while ago I taught my FIRST intro to watercolor class. I was nervous I was just going to babble on and on and that I wouldn’t be able to constructively teach the skills that I know. But, I’m happy to report that the feedback I received was great! It was so encouraging to hear that my students learned so much and looked forward to taking another class. So I’m thrilled to say: There’s more on the books! 

I’ve planned out the next six months for classes. I’ll be teaching one a month starting January and maybe some pop-up’s in between, as well as hosting an open studio time at Madelia immediately following my workshops. The open studio times will be so you can come down to the shop and work on your own project, get away from your kids and craft, or get some guidance on something that you may be working on. The other ladies of Madelia will also be teaching their own classes as well. Next week, our schedule for the next six months will be posted online. I’ve jump started mine, so if you’d like to register for those click here. I’ve decided to host a variety of skill workshops including making watercolor wreaths, watercolor illustrations, and continuing my intro class. You can also check out the Madelia Makers’ Market here.