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October Favorites

The changing weather here in the Northwest has me all giddy. I love that the season of Fall is distinct here in Spokane; it's something I look forward to every year, no matter where I have lived. Being an October baby is another reason to also love this time of year...

With this new season comes new favorites-and some of these I want to share:

  • Roast House Coffee. A good roaster based here in Spokane, for a good price. My favorite roast of theirs as of now is the 'Italia' blend. Currently we are trying out the 'Sumatran' which is a medium roast with notes of walnut and cinnamon-pretty good, but a little dark for me. 


  • Artwork by Christina Mrozik. I was first introduced to her art while staying at the Jennings Hotel. Her style is so unique and captivating that it is hard not to like-something is wrong with you if you don't think her art is rad. She is an artist that has inspired me and pushes me to try new techniques and styles. You can find her on Instagram @christinamrozikart


  • Writing out scripture. Even though I have been doing this for the last few weeks, I have found it especially important for me to do this since starting school again. I have been following a daily guide (although I don't always get to it if I've had a crazy day), basically you just pick a book from the Bible and write out a few of the verses each day. This has helped me incorporate scripture readings into my daily life and it only takes a few minutes-or it could take me an hour if I really sit down and study the Word. I have a specific journal that I use and I love being able to get creative with how I write out a specific verse that really resonates with me. Like I said, it doesn't have to be something that takes a chunk out of my day, but it's a good way to incorporate time with God into my day.


  • Trader Joe's Chinese food. Need I say more?? Okay, I'll explain. We usually get the mandarin orange chicken, edamame, and potstickers. They're all in the frozen section, it's our go-to if I have no idea what to make for dinner or we come home late and need something quick. Being as there is only two of us (not including the baby cookin') we only cook half of everything and have dinner for two nights! Super easy, delicious, and affordable. 


  • Walks around the block. Being at the waddling stage of my pregnancy, I can't walk s u p e r far, but walking around the block is a good mini-date and not to mention good exercise ;P We live in a relatively quiet neighborhood and there's a park and a few restaurants near by so occasionally we'll walk down that way and get a bite. 
One of my favorite places I have lived during the fall, at the Swan River in Montana.

One of my favorite places I have lived during the fall, at the Swan River in Montana.


Of course there's lots of other things that I could add to this list but I'll save those for another time. As this season progresses I'll be posting more fall recipes, DIY's, home décor, and random notes. What are some of your  October favorites?