Young Living: At Home

There are so many amazing products that Young Living has to offer; not just oils, but cleaning products, supplements and over-the-counter products, a specific line for pets, pre-diluted options for children, and so much more. 

When I first started with essential oils I was simply diffusing them because I liked the smell-I had no idea that there were so many more uses for them. Now, I use a vitamin supplement as well as one to support my immune system. I use certain blends of oils to wind down in the evening or wake me up in the morning, I add them to recipes-not just cooking! But also to make my own cleaning products, face serums, and more. If you don't want to go the DIY route, YL makes much of these products already. In fact, one of the starter kits is a Thieves cleaning kit!  


I also love the Ningxia Red line. I usually buy a two pack of the big bottles, and love this to have on hand rather than drinking my 3pm coffee. Young Living offers other products such as waffle mix and granola, which incorporate essential oils and their benefits. 

With so many chemicals in almost everything nowadays, I looked into Young lIving products for things me and family were coming into direct contact with on a daily basis: toothpaste, body wash, dish soap and laundry soap. Rather than running up to Target to get these things, I simply moved the money I would have spent there and purchased these through YL instead.